Stuff I’ve Read #12

Wed 13 September 2023, tagged: Read

Stuff that I have found interesting over a few weeks of avoiding work.


Immortal Objects in the nw CPython

Small things can make a huge difference to performance.

Cap’n Proto

C++ Serialization has always been a complete disaster for me. Maybe this will finally fill the void?


Interesting way to package Python apps as an application

Orbital Market

A better interface to the Unreal Market place… again, not that hard to do!

Asset Manager Studio

A better asset manage than unreal launcher… not that that is hard.

React module for building dash boards

Always find these kinds of things super interesting and useful.

Comparison of Python Logging Modules

Plane - an open source alternative to Jira

STX Error Handling Library for C++

A standard way to handle errors across your project makes life much safer.

Freestanding and Hosted C++

I did not know these were defined. Interesting distinctions for embedded programmers


FreeBSD on Firecracker

Very interesting work on getting the FreeBSD kernel to boot more quickly.


A virtual 3D capable GPU for QEMU. This could prove really useful for testing 3D games. Nice. Actually it seems like it’s a passthrough so it’s back to LLVMPipe for testing via CI :( Still an interesting project though.

Movement on the Python GIL

Let’s hope so, actually I never really worry about Python’s speed but I am sure some people do.


Really interesting interface to SQLite and the data hidden within. Very powerful tool. In fact it has a set of tools that it is built upon that look like gems.


Hackable Radio Telescope

Now this looks like a lot of fun!


Some lovely people are seeking to recreate the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU network services. Great idea.

Preface to animal farm, lost and then found


Wondering about an alternative information future we could have lived.,-it%27s-just-not-evenly-distributed.html

Windown 95 Themed XFCE / Xubuntu

The only time I’ve ever had a workable Unix desktop that wasn’t Motif was fvwm95



Wine front end for FreeBSD, looks interesting to me.

Email Marketing platform

Some innovation in this space is really needed tbh.