In Defence of Writing Your Own Engine

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the trouble makers, the engine-eers! - dazza

After reading this excellent blog from ZeroEqualsFalse I thought I’d counter with a defence for writing and deploying your own engine.

I’ve been writing “engines” for 20 years both professionally and for fun. I …

LuaJIT stopped working

Came across an interesting feature/artifact of using LuaJIT today.

In Smith and Winston we use the bit package that LuaJIT provides to flag and mask collisions. The types of collision (for example world, bullet, vehicle) were hard coded on both the engine and Lua side. Today I moved toward …

Integrating Lua and my C++ Game Engine

If you want to cut to the chase you can download the code here.

This isn’t a very well written blog post, it’s more of a dump of my thoughts as I tested out LuaBridge and didn’t get to trying out OOLua.

Once again I am starting …

Generating Anagrams in Lua

I’m working on a game where I need to generate anagrams of words. My new game engine, which is Max Astro’s engine but with a few tweeks, integrates Lua and all the game logic is in Lua.

So given a string like “chicken” I want “kcehcine” or some …

Logical Bit Operators in Lua When Using Floats

I’m making some changes to the codebase that drives Max Astro before making my next game. The biggest change is that the engine is going to be controlled by Lua. Lua will run the main logic loop and lua will be the configuration language.

One of the oddities of …