Smith and Winston - Update #3 Patch 2

More fixes to the update 3 release. Desktop App on Fedora 29

I just tried to get the desktop app running on a fresh VM of Fedora 29. I used the Fedora-Workstation-x86-64-29-1.2.iso and then ran an update to get a few patches.

Unfortunately when I downloaded the excellent app from and installed it

1 …

Smith and Winston - Update #3 Patch 1

Bunch of small fixes after feed back from players.

GameMite review Smith and Winston Early Access

The lovely people over at GameMite have reviewed Smith and Winston. I particlularly liked the ending where they say:

Anyone who loves a good, exciting twin stick shooter should find a lot to enjoy here.

Great to see people covering the game and getting it’s weird mix of metroidly …

Smith and Winston - Steam Early Access

We are really pleased to finally be able to say that Smith and Winston is on Steam. We really enjoyed releasing on first and we think that the smaller community helped us prepare for the much larger and faster moving Steam community.

As well as releasing on Early …

How I support Windows, Mac and Linux

10th Jan 2019 12:03 GMT - I just wanted to write a positive article that might help others. So please don’t use this post as a stick to beat others. It’s a complex issue of dev experience, team size and frankly money. We’re all just trying to …

Smith and Winston - Update #3

Today we released the third update to Smith and Winston (only two more to go before it’s finished!). I’ll cover the new levels, bugfixes, tweaks and the future development in this post.

Smith and Winston - Update #2

Earlier than promised (by only a day) we’ve released the second update to Smith and Winston. Of course we’re really excited to hear what you guys think of the new levels including another secret level! Can you find it?

Get lost in the ancient underground temples but watch …

Smith and Winston - Update #1

We are amazingly happy to release Update #1 to everyone! It’s been two weeks of hard work, over 50 bug fixes, three new levels and a metric tonne of tweaking and balancing. Thanks for all the feedback from the initial release. Smith and Winston is now EVEN better.

So …

Smith and Winston - First Access

Well it’s been a long long four years and Smith and Winston isn’t done yet but it is a major milestone for us. We’re opening the game up for first-access.

Why not just wait and release it? Well when you’ve worked on something for so long …