Smith and Winston - Update #11 - Halloween

New update for Smith and Winston with Halloween helmets and 10% off.

Develop: Brighton 2019 Indie Showcase

Smith and Winston has been selected as one of 10 games to be showcased at the Develop conference this year!

Smith and Winston - Update #10 - Power Cubes, Shippy, New Levels, More Debris and much more!

In this update to Smith and Winston we’ve added Power Cubes, Shippy, New Levels, More Debris and much more!

Notes on vr development

Smith and Winston - Update #9 - Save the Day

Small update with Coop Saves, Buddy mode, debris tweaks and more sound design

Smith and Winston - Update #8 - Cooperation for all

This update includes a whole host of fixes, coop mode and better explosions!

Smith and Winston - Play Smith and Winston CoOp at Rezzed 2019

See you there!

Smith and Winston - Update #6 - New Levels, Shield is Live and a Rejig.

Smith and Winston - Update #5 - Holodeck Lessons

Another quick update with some bug fixes and a new BETA area for your feedback.

Smith and Winston - Update #4

We’ve released a new update to Smith and Wintston! This is mainly a metric ton of tweaks to the first half of the game to make it more balanced and more fun to play. Thanks to everyone that gave us feedback and helped make the game even better.