MSVC Print All Predefined #Defines

Sometimes you really need to know what defines your compiler has on by default. I had no idea how to do this with Visual Studio so I dug in. Here is how to do it.

Open up a VS command prompt, pick the appropriate prompt x86, x64 etc.

enter the …

Unreal: Am I On The Server

I’ve been working on an Unreal game for the past few months. One of the things that the whole team has found very frustrating is knowing if the code we are writing is running on the server or the client.

Lots of code only needs to run on one …

OpnSense Wiregaurd VPN Road warrior setup.

How I set up Wireguard VPN in OpnSense asa road warrior

Adding “Fork Me on Github” to Pelican Templates

I just wrote a blog about a project I uploaded to GitHub and I wanted to have a “Fork Me On GitHub ribbon” in the top right of the page. This is the cool thing to do nowadays after all.

I write my blog using a static website generator called …


I spent some time playing around with CSGJS over the weekend. It’s a great library. I thought it might be interesting to port it to C++.

After quite a lot of googling I found that someone had already done most of the hard work here which was nice and …

Smith and Winston - Update #11 - Halloween

New update for Smith and Winston with Halloween helmets and 10% off.

Develop: Brighton 2019 Indie Showcase

Smith and Winston has been selected as one of 10 games to be showcased at the Develop conference this year!

Smith and Winston - Update #10 - Power Cubes, Shippy, New Levels, More Debris and much more!

In this update to Smith and Winston we’ve added Power Cubes, Shippy, New Levels, More Debris and much more!

Notes on vr development

Smith and Winston - Update #9 - Save the Day

Small update with Coop Saves, Buddy mode, debris tweaks and more sound design