Stuff I’ve Read #8

Mon 09 January 2023, tagged: Read

Stuff that I have found interesting over a few weeks of avoiding work.


SDL3 migration notes

First I had heard of SDL3

Structured Bindings in CPP17

I found this very useful and informative

Breaking Change in Python 3.11

Packaging In CMake

Really glad I’ve not had to jump through these hoops yet but I’m grateful there is some guidance out there at least.

Bit Twiddling Hacks

Some really nice tricks in here. I haven’t looked at it for ages and it appeared in another conversation on HackerNews

Codon - compile python

Midpoint between two integers

SCCache compiler cache

Looks interesting but as ever doesn’t support MSVC it seems.


How pitfall creates it’s world

Lovely dive in to how clever the world generation is in pitfall. I’ve often wondered how so much was packed in to so little. Great reverse engineering here.

SDF in the console in Python

This is fun

QOIF Quite OK Image Format

We spend a lot of time on stuff like this.

Just use PostgreSQL for everything.

Yep, can’t say I disagree with any of this.

Ultimate Guide to FFMPeg

One of the most complex pieces of open software. Always good to get a guide but most people should just use something like HandBrake.


Linguistic Hurdles

Without comment



Interesting to see development of tools in the animation space.

Lib for Circular plots in Python pyCirclize

I love these kinds of plot but I have yet to find a use for them personally. This makes me sad.

Debug Texture Generator

Always useful to have things like this.

Windows Update Manager