Stuff I’ve Read #7

Sun 20 November 2022, tagged: Read

Stuff that I have found interesting over a few weeks of avoiding work.


Writing a compiler Part 1

Looks like it will be an interesting series

Rob Pikes 5 Rules of Programming

Great rules to live by, learning when to break these takes a long time.

Debug Linux Dumps from MSVC

Fascinating idea and now it’s been ported to macOS as well


Small deep learning framework in Python


Another tool linking application code to a HTML UI. The python bindings interested me.

GNU Make Standard Library

Wow, this looks super useful but I hope I never need to write another raw makefile again.


Pretty nifty library to make nice UIs in the Terminal.



MikeOS is an operating system for x86 PCs, written in assembly language. It is a learning tool to show how simple 16-bit, real-mode OSes work, with well-commented code and extensive documentation

Motorola Power Stack

Looks pretty sweet!

Write Your Own Git

Interesting to see a simple git implementation. Well worth reading or maybe even implementing?

Write your own editor in C

Another very interesting step by step tutorial.

ChibiCC - “hobby” C11 compiler

I look forward to the book

ZFS Boot Menu for Linux

Much to the annoyance of Linux zealots there are other OSes that deliver interesting tech that Linux can learn from.

Chartist JS: Useful JS Chart Library


50 lines of C to make a very minimal Window Manager for X. Nice.


macOS like interface for FreeBSD


The asterisk sound in Windows

Fun story of digital archaeology.

Phantom Forests: Why Ambitious Tree Planting Projects Are Failing

Often humans are dumb, well-intentioned but dumb. The opportunity cost here is massive though. That good will may well be lost.