Stuff I’ve Read #6

Sat 15 October 2022, tagged: Read

Stuff that I have found interesting over a few weeks of avoiding work.


C# Terminal interface

Terminal GUIs in C#

C Header Only Tiny Physics Engine

Lovely work.

Stop using utcnow

I’ve didn’t know this. I’ve been told it a few times but I just forget every time.

Sol2 lua <-> C++

Always good to see Lua and C++ working together

Simulating a CRT Tv with C++/OpenGL

Really enjoy people digging in to this stuff

Reducing the risk of size_t in C++

It’s crazy that such an aged, well used, well understood language can be tripped up by such a simple mistake.

Another small blog on Wave Function Collapse

They all seem to use the same images.

AI Generated Textures in Blender

Here we go.


Shutting Down Stadia

Google never really had their corporate heart in this. They had some cool tech but what they really needed was many many more billions of dollars. Another nail in the coffin for Google. I have no idea how developers or consumers can trust them.

Egg Laptop

Really fun 3D printed laptop based around the Rasperry Pi.

Olive.c software renderer

Looks cool and pretty useful.

which leads to PortableGL here

Built in KV Store in Python

I have stumbled upon this but never used it for some reason.

Fraudulent Parts in the US Air Force

Sad to think that even the most expensive contracts are still going to the lowest bidder (but highest profit extractor?).

VMWare guilty of Fraud!

Say it ain’t so!

Last Man Standing in the Floppy Disk Business.

Nintendo’s UForce

Yeah, I’d never heard of it either. Cool tech.

Eink Dashboard

These e-Ink displays are getting quite handy and cheap.



Enjoyed this trip in to excessive commitment. Great.

We live in a world dictated by extroverts and it sucks. They are asshats.

We secretly love meetings

Yes, if ‘we’ os managers, then yes, this is true. Oh and people who are just talkers and no doers.