Stuff I’ve Read #5

Sun 11 September 2022, tagged: Read

Stuff that I have found interesting over a few weeks of avoiding work.


Win32 is the only Stable Linux ABI

So true.

Physically Based.

Interesting database for physics basec rendering


Transcend Posix.

Seems more like Posix just needs to get some new abstractions to me?

Love the dedication to the 8bit

Apple II Desktop updated.

Quantum Hype

Display Port cables are bollox just like USB-C

Shouting at JBODs changes their peoperties

Something any manager should know, shouting doesn’t work.

Klipper 3D printer firmware

Another rabbit hole do fall in to.

Technical Reasons to Chose FreeBSD

An article where linux readers start to sound like Windows users from 1990 on HackerNews.


Book Sales aren’t what they seem

Another tale of statistics getting in the way of a story


30 years old

Countering the Achievement Society

Long but some wise words.

Why are D-sharp and E-Flat two different notes.

I hate music

TokTok is stealing all your data

This is a surprise to no one.

Tired Brainz Study

Medieval people bathed.

We always like to think that we are better than those that strove before us. Often we are not. We aren’t that much more intelligent than our ancestors if at all.


Ghostwriter - Markdown Editor

I’m using VSCode to write my markdown but this looks good

JetBrains Space

I’ve got a lot of time for JetBrains tools. They seem to actually write developer tools for developers… not because they have to.

JSON Visio

Look at json as trees?

Clip Champ for Windows

Edit videos, is this iMovie for Windows? Windows has long needed something like this.