Stuff I’ve Read #4

Sat 06 August 2022, tagged: Read

I originally intended to do these twice a month but I can’t reliably do that so I am just going to number them from now on.


C 23

Yeah, it’s just exhausting dealing with these committees. I don’t have the technical chops to promote a change nor the human skills to persevere.

Google Flat Buffers

Interesting serialization library

Rich text formatting in the shell

Why it takes Data Science to drive this I will never know. Lovely library

The case for C# in the backend

Frankly, Javascript shouldn’t be in the backend. It’s a great language but it’s use everywhere shows an industry that is desperate for talent and refuses to train.

STL-like BTree Implementation

Carbon - replacement for C++?

Probably not… but maybe.


Alternative Physics

Really good chance that this is just bollox, but it’s fascinating and valid research.

Server Retired After 18 Years

I am a big proponent of quality components for servers. Often people use commodity components because they want to shun/shame HP, Dell or IBM (who certainly gouge customers) for political reasons. What they don’t realise is that 24/7 takes a huge toll on seemingly insignificant components and they die.

Embedding an exe in a .REG file

People jus run these files and don’t think twice.

Not so Common Desktop Environment

Looks lovely to me

When large companies can’t be trusted… dontdeletethisuser

Atlassian are mupptets


Worst Videogame in History

For me the ET resurrection showed that people will buy anything. The $1000+ price tag for the worst game dug out of a landfill show people love the idea of games, the mythology of games more than games themselves.

Admin Terminal in McDonald’s.

I agree with all of this except, for me at least, the coffee in McDonald’s is good.

Free high quality e-Books

Free tests lovingly upgraded and released as e-Books

Fake Tech Books on Amazon

There are no rules on Amazon other than Amazon must make money. Interesting Twitter thread from an author of a greate book Deep Learning with Python.


HexEditor using ImGUI

Always love a bit of ImGUI snappyness.

Also don’t fear it’s partner Textual for Terminal GUI Generation