Stuff I’ve Read in July 2022

Thu 21 July 2022, tagged: Read


A Little story about yes

This is the kind of thing that engineers love to bike shed about, it’s the source of language wars and long, pointless discussions. Interesting though.

Markdown like graphs/diagrams

Mutliprocessing in PYthon

I am not sure why so many developers struggle with this but this is a good deep dive in to the many nooks and crannies of python mp.

Sun Valley TTK Theme

Some lovely TTK Themes are out there.

Classic problem of drawing outlines for objects in 3D

This has come up mutliple times in my career. It’s annoying to implement but hardware is so fast nowadays there are many options. It’s still a striking style as well.

What’s new in Python 3.11?

Always good to see python growing.

Explaining code with ASCII art.

Yep I do this all the time. I don’t have a great tool for creating the art though.

This is the best I’ve found so far.

Running virtual OSX on Apple silicon

OSX is a bit if a cluster fuck for this sort of thing.

Don’t let dicts spoil your [python] code

Contentious statement but some good advice in here:

Automating the boring task of making data classes in Python 3.7+

Always good to do less typing.

OSX really is an annoying outlier here and this tool looks like it could help to make it easier to test things on various version of OSX without needing multiple machines or drives.


Some lovely work here

A New Kind of Lock?

I think this is going to be pretty fragile but it’s interesting to read about 2FA in the physical world.

SteamDeck OS on QEMU

Might be useful for debugging/CI?

Couch to 68k

I always love reading about breadboard 8bit computers because then I don’t have to actually make them.


Sympathy for the poor?

The shapes of stories

NFTs are a scam.

They are morally wrong in my opinion. This piece is interesting

Is Monogamy morally wrong?

Good read.

99% of the world in daylight.

Not true but it’s close enough to be interesting

Emotional Intelligence

Can this stuff be?

On the Use of A Life.

Colin makes many contributions to my life via FreeBSD. Always worth reading what he thinks.

Code is law:

When you remove the human it’s not always better

Security through pulses

Love this, it’s simple and effective.

Where did the long tail go



Thunderbird 102 Release.

Looking good as always