Stuff I’ve Read in June 2022

Sat 11 June 2022, tagged: Read


Front End Dev is a mess.

Coming from a C++ background I still think this is a problem with web development and I think it’s starting to affect C++ development.

Another C++ Book to keep you in the straight and narrow?

Game Studio Ownership - The great purchasing

Vectorized sort from Google


New to me, debug python without littering your code with print(). Surely not!

Old school text to speech C code

An online version is here.

Pixel Art - Common Mistakes

Very nice work, great tips in here.

Debug forwards and backwards on Linux with RR

Python 3.11 speed boost

I don’t use python for speed but it’s always nice to get some for free.

Slow loading in GTA V

This article came up on my radar again. What was notable was the comments on HackerNews blaming the developers for not being curious. They clearly don’t work in a modern game development company where you are siloed, tired and sometimes totally inexperienced.


This stuff is inspiring. Shoulders of giants etc. Xerox PARC.

Private Translations in Mozilla

Micro Python

Embedded python software and hardware.


For some reason I ended up reading this Wikipedia page on a protocol I don’t care about

OpenBSD on a Pine64 board-like-thing.

Always good to see a BSD booting on something odd

List of UNIX Window Managers

Cripes there are a lot of window managers out there for UNIX. I thought there were about 20!


It’s decided: decisive people no more accurate than self-doubters

This feels like bull to me.

People pay (by hearing adverts) to listen to white noise?

Justice is hard, I hope this isn’t true.

Who are the Celts?

The weirdness of race rears it’s head again. Odd academia, skull measuring and the mythology of archaeology.


New Inkscape is always good.

Linux on old iPads - lets hope so.

I’d rather it was a BSD but finding a way to use old iDevices would be good for the planet in many ways.