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In Defence of Writing Your Own Engine

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the trouble makers, the engine-eers! - dazza

How to stick at it: Three years and still going strong!

To celebrate (and commiserate) the fact that I've been working on Smith and Winston for three years I thought I'd answer the most commonly asked question: How do you stick at it for so long? Some of this applies to anything in life, but it's mostly about making games as that's all I do.

LuaJIT stopped working

Came across an interesting feature/artifact of using LuaJIT today.

Smith and Winston - Building a door in the editor

This is a slightly different blog post and Smith and Winston. I'm going to show how our game editor works (and thus how our engine works). We've spent a lot of time getting the editor setup to make it easy to create game play.

Why I Chose Not To Use Unity3D

I evaluated Unity3D for a few months before deciding NOT to use it. It's a really, really great tool and it was a tough decision. Ultimately I felt like there was more resitance to steady progress using Unity3D over extending/upgrading my own code. Here is a rough guide to why I decided not to use it.