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XCode: 'std::' link errors

This is more of a reminder to myself about confusing linker errors that can appear in XCode when you are working on large projects with many dependencies.

Using Python and Tkinter to capture script output

In order to build the assets for my games I have a series of python scripts that know how to take files TexturePacker, Tiled, and Blender and build them for use within the engine. My main platform is OS X and it has good terminal support and more importantly I am comfortable working with the terminal. The artist I work with is not so comfortable and he works on Windows where cmd.exe is painfully outdated and basically useless.

Generating Anagrams in Lua

I'm working on a game where I need to generate anagrams of words. My new game engine, which is Max Astro's engine but with a few tweeks, integrates Lua and all the game logic is in Lua.