Smith and Winston - Update #5 - Holodeck Lessons

Another quick update with some bug fixes and a new BETA area for your feedback.

Hollow Holo

We hear you and agree we’re really not happy with the way we use Shippy to teach the player how to play Smith and Winston. It’s boring and annoying. Training areas in games are always hard tbh so we’re having another go at it.

As part of a brand new intro sequence the player will be sent, by shippy, to a holodeck training area to learn the buttons and get a feel for controlling Smith and Winston before getting stuck in.

The shippy text is all provisional and untranslated and we’ve not added Shippy’s patented rudeness or voice yet

What do you think? Is it a better way to introduce the game? Please give feed back in the discussion area on Steam or More feedback on the Chopper boss is very much appreciated as well.

After this the player will see a little cut scene explaining how the ship crashes and then they are straight in to playing the “second” level “Sunshine and Showers”

Bug Fixes

Toilet Sound

If you happened to die in a bit of the game with reverb turned on (echoy sound effects etc.) then you were stuck playing the rest of the game like you were in a toilet. Should be fixed now.

White…. so white

Some textures didn’t render correctly in OpenGL on any platform. This was because we were blending two texture together one of which didn’t exist… yeah, that’s fixed now as well… oops.

Less chatter, more batter

That’s it, have a great weekend, Explore and Destroy and if you’ve got a bit of spare time jump in the discussion area of Steam or itch and tell us what you think of the holodeck, chopper boss or anything else about the game.

be seeing you