Desktop App on Fedora 29

Sat 19 January 2019, tagged: Linux

I just tried to get the desktop app running on a fresh VM of Fedora 29. I used the Fedora-Workstation-x86-64-29-1.2.iso and then ran an update to get a few patches.

Unfortunately when I downloaded the excellent app from and installed it

chmod +x ~/Download/itch-setup && ~/Download/itch-setup

it then just refused to run… as in nothing happened.

Digging a little further itch installs itself in to


NOTE: the version number is likely to change as itch updates it’s app very regularly.

running from the command line it became clear what was wrong:

.itch/app-25.4.0/itch: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So libXss is missing, should be easy to install, I wonder what it is? X Screen Saver… oh, OK!

sudo yum install Xss

fixes the issue and now you can download and run Smith and Winston

Hope that helps someone out there!