Smith and Winston - Steam Early Access

We are really pleased to finally be able to say that Smith and Winston is on Steam. We really enjoyed releasing on first and we think that the smaller community helped us prepare for the much larger and faster moving Steam community.

As well as releasing on Early Access we are starting to ramp up press activity so people know about the game. We’ve opened up the Smith and Winston Press Kit page to everyone. There are loads of lovely images, gifs and a few movies in there as well. Feel free to use them to talk about the game.

New gameplay trailer

Plans for itch

Just because we’re on Steam we don’t plan on dropping support for is a great site for indies and we plan to support it. We’ll be updating itch with the same code as Steam (excluding things like Steam achievements and cloud saves for obvious reasons).

If you bought the game on in the past few months you can get a free Steam key via your Purchases section in your account. Your save game should just work as well so you can fire up your Steam copy and carry on from where you left off. At some point we’ll move to Steam Cloud saves though and your save games will no longer be the same between and Steam versions.

Plans for Steam

On Steam we plan to add a lot more achievements, cloud saves, leader boards and more controller support.

Plans for the game

We’ve got a long list of things to add to the game including:

  • 13/25 levels are not ready for the public yet (too buggy or incomplete) and are being worked on as we speak.
  • 2/3 bosses have not been completed yet.
  • Split screen two player coop mode isn’t enabled as it’s too buggy and the levels need balancing.
  • Story Mode isn’t enabled as the save games don’t reliably work yet.

So there are things to come for and Steam users.

Have a great new year and we hope you enjoy Exploring and Destroying.

be seeing you,