Smith and Winston - Update #2

Earlier than promised (by only a day) we’ve released the second update to Smith and Winston. Of course we’re really excited to hear what you guys think of the new levels including another secret level! Can you find it?

Get lost in the ancient underground temples but watch out for the killer space slugs. They take a lot of hits to kill.

Get up high and survey the landscape, jumping to the left of me, enemies to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with… is that a weapon power up down there!

When you’ve spent the evening shooting, plundering and exploring why not take a trip to the Chalk and Flowers level. The sun is setting, the birds are chirping and the blossoms are blossoming. There’s loot to be plundered here but it’s not where you expect.

Of course this release comes with a hosts of bug fixes including a lovely crash bug that we’ve been hunting for a few years, an AI bug where they just jumped off the world for no reason and a sound bug where enemies would explode forever deafening everyone for one hundred miles. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and gave feedback on here, Reddit and Steam.

If you don’t feel like buying the game then follow us on itch for more update, Wishlist Smith and Winston on Steam or just check back here for info. There will be more news about steam soon. If you buy on here, we’ll give you a Steam key when the game releases on Steam.

Explore and Destroy.