New Metal Army


New Metal Army sought to bring together as much of the world of heavy metal in to one place on the internet. It ran from 2006 until 2014.

New Metal Army was a website and a set of internet bots that scraped news, heavy metal and general music websites for news about heavy metal bands. Using natural language parsing, basic machine learning and pattern matching the disparate sources were colated together to create one coherent news stream.

As well as news gigs from around the world were collated presenting the user with views of gigs in their country, county and city. If tickets were available the user was given the opportunity to buy tickets.


My long term collaborator in all things and fellow Metal Head Charlie did some amazing artwork for New Metal Army. We were very active on a veriety of forums and this animated banner proved a great success.

New Metal Army forum Banner

Here is the header image that was at the top of all the pages

New Metal Army Banner

Initially built using Turbogears New Metal Army migrated to Django about half way through it's life. It always used PostgreSQL as it's back end. The bots were written in Python2.7 using BeautifulSoup to sanitize the HTML.