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QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA doesn't bundle frameworks

I've been playing with building an App using qmake as the build system. I started with a simple QT App built using the wizard in QTCreator and tweaking it.

Mac OSX: starting postgres on boot

NOTE: This is an old article I wrote in July 2008, it's still relevant today. It was originally posted on which I am in the process of retiring.

Starter Blender Exporter

I've settled on using Blender 2.6 both as a level editor and modeller for my next game (code name BBM). BBM is a 2D game but modelling the characters and rendering the sprites will save a lot of time. Blender isn't the best level editor but it's pretty close and suits my needs.

dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSAttributedString

Updating Xcode seemed to screw up my project (again). Firstly it set the deployment target for Max Astro to iOS 5.0 and I suspect it changed the linker settings for the project as well. At first I didn't notice, after all who runs an iOS 3.1.3 device!

Xcode Swig Build Rule

I've been playing with Swig in Xcode to build interfaces in Lua for my game engine. Here is the build rule that I added to Xcode so it knows how to build the .i (interface) files