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GLSL: Getting active uniforms

When you load a vertex and fragment shader in OpenGL you need to pass in data such as the current viewport transform, camera transform and lighting data. You do this via Uniform variables.

QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA doesn't bundle frameworks

I've been playing with building an App using qmake as the build system. I started with a simple QT App built using the wizard in QTCreator and tweaking it.

Python Script to build a Texture Page or Sprite Sheet

Why pack textures/images?

If you're making a game then it's more efficient to tell the hardware:

HP ProLiant MicroServer: thoughts

I've been looking for a new home server for a few months. Recently (the last six years) have been running EPIA Mini-itx motherboards in Cubid cases. They are basically silent and powerful enough to run a small fileserver and webserver.

Mac OSX: starting postgres on boot

NOTE: This is an old article I wrote in July 2008, it's still relevant today. It was originally posted on which I am in the process of retiring.