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Integrating Bullet Physics

Bullet is an open source collision and physics simulation library written by Erwin Coumans who I believe worked or maybe still does work at SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). Bullet provides a C++ API to a very robust Collision, Rigid Body and Soft body simulation system. At its core Bullet is comparable to commercial systems such as Havok but lacks the art pipeline integration, extensive documentation and support contracts that its commercial rivals offer. For an indie developer it’s an amazing leg up though. Collision is hard to do well. Physics is also hard to do well. Bullet does both very well.

Starting Out On The iPad

Why the iPad?

When the iPad was announced I decided it was time to take the plunge and develop a game for it. Although the iPhone is a powerful piece of hardware I just find the screen too limiting. Every game leaves you wishing you had transparent fingers. The iPad seems luxurious with it’s 1024x768 A4 sized screen!