XCode: Archive validation fails


If you ever see a message from archive validation that states

defaultInputDeviceWithMediaType: QTMediaTypeVideo is always nil!

I've been playing around with the QTKit in Cocoa. I looked at the sample code and bar the usual Quicktime weirdness and some threading nuances it all seemed pretty simple. The sample code ran just fine and thanks to the macam drivers I could use my PSX3 Eye with my Mac.

Cocoa: All Apps That Are Browsers

For a little side project (that I abandoned) I needed to find all installed web browsers in OS X. After a little poking about in the API docs I can up with this:

XCode 4: Duplicating a target to make an iPad build link error

I've been working on an iOS game for a four months now and it's time to create a new target for iPad. The XCode documentation says to select your target, right click and select Duplicate and the Click Duplicate and Transition to iPad. Once this is done there is a shiny new Scheme to build, test and deploy for iPad complete with a new MainWindow.xib.

iPhone App Version Information In XCode

When you create an iOS Application in XCode by default the version of the application is stored in-Info.plist. It would be really handy to get this in to code for compile time checks and #defines.