Steam Refund Policy

If you haven't heard, steam is offering a refund scheme to players.

Bullet Physics: Query objects within a volume

I need to preform a query of the game world to find all Game Objects within a volume. Preferably a sphere but any convex shape would be good. I struggled with this for a few hours before realising it's actually pretty easy. Bullet Physics is amazing but sometimes simple things aren't that obvious.

LuaJIT stopped working

Came across an interesting feature/artifact of using LuaJIT today.

Spotify Applescript is Broken

With the release of Spotify version they seem to have broken their Applescript implementation. This means that MiniTune can't connect with Spotify and interact with it.

Smith and Winston - Building a door in the editor

This is a slightly different blog post and Smith and Winston. I'm going to show how our game editor works (and thus how our engine works). We've spent a lot of time getting the editor setup to make it easy to create game play.