Spotify Applescript is Broken


With the release of Spotify version they seem to have broken their Applescript implementation. This means that MiniTune can't connect with Spotify and interact with it.

There is a partial fix which involves opening up the Spotify application and moving a definition file. This fixes the connection problems between Spotify and MiniTune but all tracks seem to have no artwork.

You might want to wait for Spotify to fix this or follow these steps to get a partial fix:

  1. Quit Spotify
  2. go to /Applications/
  3. right click on the and select Show Package Contents
  4. Copy Contents/Resources/applescript/Spotify.sdef up one directory to Contents/Resources/
  5. Restart Spotify.

Temporary fix for MiniTune and Spotify not working

Hope that helps until Spotify fix this issue.

Please note that MiniTune is no longer for sale on the Mac App Store. I will continue to support it for as long as I can but you might want to consider using another Spotify Client. Thank you.